How to Keep Dogs Away From Flowers

Fido finds flowers fun to frolic in.
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Your beautiful flower garden has turned into one of Fido's favorite play spots. He loves to dig holes in the dirt, trample on the tulips, pounce on the petunias and roll around on the daisies, destroying the lovely plants in the process. Some of the other dogs in the neighborhood may drop by to show their appreciation for your green thumb, joining Fido in the fun. It's time to show those pooches who's in charge.

Step 1

Mix equal amounts of powdered mustard and pepper and sprinkle on the dirt throughout your flowerbeds where Fido usually digs. Sprinkle it every day, because it may take a few weeks to become completely effective. When he smells the disagreeable mixture, he won't want to return.

Step 2

Place a fence around your flowerbeds. You can install an attractive picket fence or use simple chicken wire. Soon Fido will take the hint and realize your flowers are off-limits to him. Inspect the fence frequently for holes that may need repairing.

Step 3

Provide your furry friend with his own personal digging area. Place it in a spot away from your flowerbeds. Make it even more enticing to him by including a few of his favorite toys. If you catch him digging around your flowers, correct him by bringing him back to his own digging spot until he learns the difference between the two.

Step 4

Install a motion-activated sprinkler system. The motion sensor will detect when Fido approaches the flowers and switch on automatically, spraying him with water. Soon he'll associate visiting your flowers with an unpleasant experience. You can purchase motion-activated sprinklers at most garden shops.

Step 5

Surround your flowerbeds with prickly holly or rose branches. The branches should be at least a foot long. They'll create an attractive border, and the prickly thorns and leaves will eventually discourage Fido from approaching your flowers.


  • Never try to keep your dog away from flowers using physical punishment.

Items You Will Need

  • Powdered mustard
  • Crushed dried red pepper