How to Keep Your Dog's Ears Dry During a Bath

Dry ears are healthy, happy ears.
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Nobody likes water rattling around in their ears after bathing, including dogs. The length and contours of canine ear canals obstruct air circulation, hinder drainage and provide ample warmth, a favorable environment for harmful organisms. These conditions promote moisture retention in a dog’s ears, sometimes resulting in irritation, inflammation and infection. Your buddy needs your help with keeping his ears dry.

Hereditary Challenges

Certain inherited characteristics can be problematic. Some breeds such as bulldogs, chow-chows and Shar-Peis have particularly narrow ear canals that may predispose them to inflammation. The hairy canals of poodles, spaniels and some terriers are often troublemakers. Excessive wax secretions in some dogs such as Labrador retrievers, springer spaniels and cocker spaniels are common sources of irritation.

Wet Behind the Ears

Dogs that are bathed frequently, live in humid climates or swim often are prone to ear canal water retention, which tends toward susceptibility to inflammation. Canines such as Labs, bloodhounds, spaniels and poodles have floppy earflaps notorious for retaining heat and restricting water drainage from the canals.

Troubleshooting Waterworks

Sit down calmly with your pooch and get comfortable just before bath time. If you reassure the pet sweetly and quietly, he’s more likely to relax and lie down with you. Gently press a large cotton ball snugly into the top of the canal of each ear. Larger cotton balls are less likely to get stuck. Don’t forget to remove the cotton right after his bath.