How to Keep Dogs From Jumping on the Window

Correcting your dog's jumping can keep your house intact.
Chaloner Woods/Valueline/Getty Images

If Fido constantly jumps on the window, you might not be a happy camper when you discover the damage he's done with his nails. Your dog's jumping might be triggered by people passing by or a teasing bird, cat or squirrel he sees on the other side of the glass or screen. To prevent further damage, discourage his jumping behavior and redirect his attention to an acceptable activity. With patience and consistency your bouncing dog will have all four paws on the floor in no time.

Catch your dog in the act to correct his jumping. Watch your pet companion like a hawk. When he starts jumping on the window, shake a can of coins or squirt him with water from a spray bottle or squirt gun. The noise or water will startle him and stop him in his tracks. Do this each time you catch him jumping so he associates his behavior with unpleasant consequences. Give him a dog toy when he has all four paws on the floor to redirect his attention. When he starts playing with the toy, give him a dog treat to reinforce his good behavior.

Teach your dog the "off" command. Place a dog treat on the windowsill to encourage your dog to jump. When he jumps say "no, off," and hold a treat in front of his nose to lure him back down. When all his paws are on the floor, reward him with the treat and say "good off." Repeat this tactic several times until your dog learns the meaning of "off."

Booby-trap the window with balloons if you can't watch your dog. Blow up some balloons and stick them to the window in the area where your dog's paws land when he jumps up. When he jumps and lands on the balloons, they'll burst, and the startling noise will make him think twice about jumping up again. Alternatively, stick bubble wrap to the windowsill for a similar effect.

Place several plastic mousetraps on the windowsill and cover them with paper. Tape the paper to the windowsill so your dog can't see or touch the traps. Spray the paper with dog repellent. When your dog jumps on the window and touches the paper-covered traps, the snapping sound will startle him, and if he tries to snatch the paper, the offensive taste of the repellent should keep him from returning.

Confine your pet companion in a crate when you leave the house so he can't roam the house and jump on the window. Alternatively, close the door to the room so your dog can't get to the window or close the window curtains or blinds so your pet companion can't look out the window and isn't motivated to jump.

Items You Will Need

  • Can of coins
  • Squirt gun or spray bottle
  • Dog toys
  • Dog treats
  • Balloons or bubble wrap
  • Sticky tape
  • Plastic mousetrap
  • Paper
  • Dog repellent
  • Dog crate