How to Keep Puppies Away From Plants

Puppy-proof your home and yard to avoid toxic plant poisoning in puppies.
Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Plants in your yard and garden, as well as plants placed decoratively throughout your home, can be toxic to puppies. Baby dogs explore the world with their mouths -- licking, chewing, biting and making efforts to consume objects they find interesting -- and plants are one of their frequent interests. Ingesting toxic plants is a common cause of emergency animal hospital visits. Common toxic plants are daffodils, aloe vera, lilies, amaryllis and chrysanthemums. Toxicity levels range from negligible to life-threatening.

Keep Indoor Plants Out of Reach

Remove all toxic plants from the home, indoors and outdoors. Replace the plants with puppy-safe plants. Place indoor plants on high surfaces. Hanging plants are a common choice for pet owners. Place potted plants on high surfaces, such as dressers, countertops and end tables. Plants on the ground should be in large potted plants and placed so that their foliage does not fall where pups can reach them with their mouths.

Create a Puppy-Only Outdoor Area

Section off a portion of the yard located away from vegetable gardens, flower gardens and bushes to create a special puppy-only area. Fence off the space with chain-link or wooden fence. Allow plenty of room for the puppy to play. Provide a safe weather-proof dog house, water, shade and toys to keep the puppy comfortable. If you prefer that your puppy have full access to the entire yard, creating a barrier around the garden and any potentially harmful decorative plants. Chain-link fences, wooden fences and garden fences are suitable. Placing rocks under the fence or barrier will help prevent a puppy from digging holes and accessing the garden. Barriers should be tall enough that the puppy cannot jump over.

Spray Nontoxic Plants With Puppy Deterrent

Puppies who roam free in yards with plants, trees and vegetable gardens will ultimately want to explore these objects. Deter puppies from garden areas by using puppy-safe spray deterrents or natural deterrents. Spray the solution on flower beds, plants and surrounding grass areas that are off-limits to the puppy. Placing lemon slices throughout the garden and spraying lemon juice on the plants are natural means of keeping puppies away. The natural lemon scent is sour-smelling and bitter-tasting to dogs.

Provide Distractions

Whether indoors or outdoors, puppies need routine entertainment and things to explore. Provide your puppy with plenty of toys to enjoy, such as plush toys, squeaky toys, vinyl toys, balls, rope toys, chew toys and treat-dispensing toys. Keeping a puppy occupied with toys will help keep the focus off the plants in the surrounding area.