How to Keep Your Puppy's Hair Soft

Soft hair starts with a nutritious diet.
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Sweet, cuddly balls of fur, also knows as puppies, are oh-so soft. In fact, many puppies have fur that feels a lot like velvet. It's hard to resist petting them when they're as soft as they are cute. With extra care, you can help keep your puppy's hair soft and healthy.

Nourish Your Puppy

A soft, healthy coat begins with nutrition from the inside. Malnourishment will show itself in a puppy's coat. The coat may appear dry, lackluster, dull and may even have a few bald spots. A complete and balanced diet for a puppy should be comprised of the correct amounts of fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and water. The correct amount of fat in your puppy's diet is responsible for a healthy coat. As your puppy grows, the amount of food he requires will change with him.

Proper Grooming

Depending on the coat type of your puppy, grooming requirements may vary. Puppies with long or wiry hair, a cottony or double coat all have specific grooming requirements that go beyond what a short-haired puppy's coat requires. Get familiar with your puppy's breed specific grooming requirements to avoid matting and tangles. Some puppy breeds, such as terriers, will require removing the undercoat to avoid matting. Long-haired puppies may avoid mats and knots by getting a "puppy cut" to keep long locks out of the way during puppy playtime.

Puppy Spa Time

Treat your puppy to her own spa time at home with relaxing brushing sessions that will help encourage soft fur. Brushing will be all new to your puppy -- she may be more interested in trying to bite or attack the brush than being brushed. Let her sniff and check out the brush before brushing her. Talk softly to her and give her a fun chew toy to stay busy with while your brush her. Brushing should be associated with something positive -- this will make it much easier in the future. For a gorgeous coat, brushing every day can help distribute the natural oils in your puppy's skin throughout his coat and increase sheen.

Consider Supplements

Supplements such as fish or krill oil can provide puppies with much needed essential fatty acids that will boost the shine and healthy of their coat. Fish oil is an excellent source of DHA, a cell structure component of the skin. Healthy skin and a healthy coat go hand in hand. As an added benefit, it's also helpful for healthy retina function. Before adding fish oil to your puppy's diet, consult your veterinarian, who can advise you on proper dosage.