Are Keeshonds Good Dogs?

Keeshonds are highly quite intelligent and responsive to training.
Apple Tree House/Photodisc/Getty Images

Keeshonds are an outgoing, loveable breed. They make great companions, as they are intelligent and affectionate creatures. Keeshonds are good dogs because they’re highly susceptible to training and love children. In fact, keeshonds love children so much they’re often used as therapy dogs for autistic children.


Throughout history, keeshonds have been kept as family pets or watchdogs. They’ve never been bred for hunting or killing other animals. In Holland, keeshonds were kept as watchdogs on small boats and barges because they have a hearty bark that would alert their masters to intruders. Because of this, the keeshond was known for many years as the “Dutch barge dog.”


Keeshonds have a sweet temperament, making them good companion dogs. If you live in a small apartment, a keeshond is a great choice because he doesn’t require a lot of space to be happy. These intelligent dogs are highly trainable, but also have a propensity toward the mischievous. If you want to keep your keeshond from jumping, digging or getting into the garbage, consider investing in obedience classes. As a breed, keeshonds grasp obedience well, and behave well when properly trained to.


Keeshonds have a wonderful personality. They’re well-mannered dogs, and enjoy being social. A keeshond may become unhappy if he’s left alone for long periods of time. Keeshonds are not the right breed for people who are looking to adopt, or purchase, an independent dog. Keeshonds are happiest when surrounded by the people they love. When happy, keeshonds will twirl in circles, sharing their joy with everyone and they’re very often happy. Although history used keeshonds as watchdogs, modern keeshonds are not great guard dogs. Keeshonds have a hearty bark, but they’re too friendly to be kept as guard dogs. Their personalities are more loving and social, and very rarely aggressive.


Socialization is important for all dog breeds, including keeshonds. In order for keeshonds to have good relationships with other pets, you’ll want to ensure he’s been socialized since puppyhood. So long as your keeshond is well socialized, he should get along well with other pets. Keeshonds are exceptionally good with children, but that doesn’t mean children should be left along with the dog. Children and dogs should always be supervised, and children should always be taught how to approach and care for dogs. Keeshonds are a loveable breed, and very fond of their families, including children. They love to play, cuddle, and be adventurous, making them a great family pet.