What Do Kennels Use to Remove Odor?

The more dogs you have in a kennel, the worse it is going to smell without proper cleaning.
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A dog's kennel can develop a strong aroma as a result of the many hours he spends in it. Regular kennel maintenance is an essential part of keeping the kennel from developing offensive odors. You can use the same cleaning methods that professional dog kennels use to keep the kennel smelling fresh for your pet.

Cleaning Your Kennel

Professional animal facilities wash their kennels out daily. Remove the feces from the kennel and spray the kennel with a diluted bleach mixture; 1:32 is considered a safe bleach ratio for daily use in animal facilities. Bleach will disinfect the kennel and kill odors. If the kennel develops an ammonia smell due to urine leaking into the ground, sprinkling lime on the area will neutralize the scent. To further avoid odors, remove everything from the kennel once a week and wash all of your dog's bedding, bowls, toys and other miscellaneous items in the kennel.