What Kind of Fabric Repels Dog Hair the Best?

Barney's hair won't stick so much to leather.
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You probably don't mind sharing space on the sofa with your pup, but his hair complicates the matter. Every dog sheds at least a little, regardless of the breed. When you're decorating your house, be realistic about where Barney's going to be and make choices that work for both of you.

Hair There and Everywhere

Even if you're diligent about grooming Barney to stay ahead of his shedding ways, its inescapable: He's going to lose some hair. It's easy to keep his hair off your clothes by putting them away. However, the couch and chair don't tuck safely away in a drawer or closet. If you enjoy Barney's company on the couch, but not his hair, look for hair-repelling upholstery fabric. Leather is a popular, but pricey, choice. Ultrasuede is a great alternative; it repels dog hair and stains, and is machine washable. Manufacturers such as Chella and Crypton are making fabrics that stand up to pets; they withstand stains and are easily washed in case Barney's hair decides to stick around. If you're not in the market for new furniture, find a blanket your pooch will be happy to snuggle in and use it where you don't want to deal with his hair. Just make sure it's washable.