What Kind of House Food Is Okay for Dogs?

While these foods are all dog safe, your pooch may have a picky palate.
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House foods can be a wonderful way to treat your pet and ensure small portions of leftovers don't go to waste. Mix these foods into your dog's dinner or treat on their own. Moderation is key: Human food can supplement your pet's diet but shouldn't be a third meal.


Veggies are not only good for you, they're great for your pooch! Raw vegetables to give your dog include carrots, which are high in vitamin A, and green beans, which make a low-cal snack. Cooked veggies that are dog-safe include pumpkin, rutabaga and sweet potato. Pumpkin can soothe a dog's upset tummy, while rutabaga and sweet potato offer vitamin C and phytochemicals. Avoid onion and garlic, which can be toxic.


Fruit offers a healthy sweet snack for dogs. Try apple slices, which offer a pleasing crunch, natural teeth cleaning and both C and A vitamins. (ref 2). Or offer banana, which has plenty of fiber to control loose stools and constipation in dogs. In small doses, blueberries offer vitamins C and E. If your pup overindulges here, he can get the runs. Don't give your pup raisins or grapes.


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon can do wonders for your pooch. The acids can keep arthritic inflammation under control and keep your pup's coat shiny. Feed your pet cooked or dehydrated salmon. Fish oil capsules are an affordable way to get the goodness of omega-3 into your pal's diet. Feed Fido cooked fish only as raw fish may harbor potential bacteria. Cooking neutralizes this bacteria.

Other Proteins

Many dairy products offer your dog health benefits, as long as you pet's not lactose-intolerant. Probiotic yogurts clean out your pet's digestive system and offer calcium and protein. Cheese can be a tasty treat in moderation, since it's often high in fat. Try cottage cheese for regular snacking that won't plump your pup. So long as it's cooked, chicken is a healthy source of protein for pets. Do not give your pup chicken on the bone, since chicken bones can splinter.