All Kinds of Dog Strollers

Small breeds can't always keep up with their owners. Strollers are a solution.
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Whether you have a small puppy who just can’t keep up with you on a walk or an older dog with mobility problems, dog strollers allow you to bring your favorite pooch on any outing. While a traditional baby stroller may work for small breeds, dog strollers have developed into a market of their own. Strollers exist for dogs of all sizes, in forms suited to just about any terrain or outing.


Consider your dog's size and age. If he is a puppy, you must consider how big he will grow. While most strollers focus on the smaller breeds, strollers exist that can hold dogs up to 150 pounds. Consider your lifestyle and the way you plan to use the stroller. Will you be using it for walks around the neighborhood on paved sidewalks, for hikes on rough terrain or during travel, requiring relative portability. How you plan to use the stroller and your dog's size will determine which stroller is right for you and your pooch.

Standard Strollers

Standard dog strollers are similar to traditional baby strollers. They typically have four wheels and fold down for easy storage and transportation. The seating area for your pooch is a roomy box, often with mesh-zippered enclosures to keep him secure while still able to see the world about him. Due to design, these strollers typically work best for smaller breeds.

All-Terrain or Jogging Strollers

All-terrain or jogging strollers for your dog are again similar to traditional baby versions. Typically, they have three large wheels designed to be able to cover bumpy terrain. With two wheels in the back, the single front wheel allows for easy maneuverability. Additional shock absorbers keep your pooch from bouncing around inside his secure area. If you and your pooch share an active lifestyle, this may be the stroller choice best suited for you. The design of such strollers works well with larger breeds as well as small breeds.

Multifunction Strollers

When a simple stroller just isn’t enough, multipurpose strollers offer versatility and safety. If jogging and bicycling are your activities of choice, an all-terrain stroller that converts into a bike trailer may be perfect. If you do a lot of traveling and want to bring your dog along, three-in-one strollers offer stroller mobility, carrier capability and car seat functionality. The seat section removes from the stroller base and can be carried or buckled into your vehicle. Because of the design, these three-in-ones work best with small breed dogs.