How to Get Knots Out of Your Dog's Coat Naturally

Regular brushing can help prevent mats from forming.
John Howard/Lifesize/Getty Images

Removing knots from your dog's coat can be hard or harder, depending on their severity. These clumps of tangled fur can form close to the skin, making them potentially painful to remove. To remove mats naturally and without the use of harsh chemicals, proceed manually, slowly, to avoid accidentally harming your pet.

Natural Knot Removal

Water makes mats more difficult to remove, so do not get the mat wet. Instead, work in a small amount of natural conditioner to hydrate the hair. Work it in for a few minutes with your fingers, gently pulling apart the mat , working from the ends of the hair toward the skin. As you work inward, alternately pick at the mat with the end of a comb or dematting tool and brush out the mat with a slicker brush. Continue going back and forth between picking and teasing. You can cut off a mat; start by sticking a comb into the fur where it meets the skin, creating a barrier between the base of the mat and your dog's skin. Use a pair of scissors to cut through the mat, then remove the comb and tease out the remaining hair with a slicker brush.