L/D Diet for Liver Disease in Dogs

Consult your dog's veterinarian about a beneficial diet for liver disease.
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Canine liver disease is a scary diagnosis for any dog parent and the most important question becomes: What can I do? The prognosis for liver disease in your dog is promising. One way you can assist in his recovery is with a specially formulated diet for liver disease.

Liver Friendly Dog Diet

Your dog is more than a pet, he's family, and when he's sick you'll do everything you can. Canine liver disease is traced to numerous causes including medications, hepatitis, heart worms, cancer, viral or bacterial infection, and environmental or ingested toxins. The first signs of canine liver disease are vomiting, weight loss, enlarged abdomen and diarrhea. Treatment options include carefully managed medications from your veterinarian, surgery, administration of supplements and dietary change. The primary function of your dog's liver is screening waste products from his blood prior to digestion. A liver regenerative diet is essential to liver disease recovery, and prescription specialty food formulas are designed to support and rebuild liver tissue.

A Revolutionary Prescription L/D Dog Food Recipe

Unlike the ingredients in typical dog foods, dogs with liver disease need a diet with high-quality, easily digestible protein. Premium prescription formulas are available and are tailor-made for dogs with liver disease. Deciding, which therapeutic formula is right for your dog, should include advice from your veterinarian, researching the manufacturing company, and an educated understanding of essential ingredients. Prescription Diet l/d (liver disease) Canine Hepatic Health is a scientific formula food for dogs with liver disease. The Hill's company personnel state their liver disease diet is developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists and designed to support your dog's liver function and recovery. Key ingredients in Hills' l/d food include quality and highly digestible protein in small quantities, L-Carnitine to initiate normal fat metabolism in the liver, antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin E and C to curb liver cell oxidation and strengthen your dog's immune system.

Can I Trust a Prescription L/D Dog Food

Under the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration, the Association of American Feed Control Officials is the watch-dog group assuring compliance with applicable regulations for all medicated dog food manufacturing establishments. Because of these stringent guidelines, dog food companies, such as Hill's, are fully forthcoming and accurate when developing formulas, listing ingredients and advertising product. Hill's l/d formula is made from rice, eggs and chicken fat for protein, and is mixed with tocopherols, an organic compound with high doses of vitamin E, and preserved with natural citric acid. Soybean oil and fish oil add omega-3 fatty acids and boost your dog's immune system. The remaining ingredients in Hills' l/d diet are vitamins, minerals and supplements designed to give your dog a well-balanced meal while supporting liver function. Hills also makes a prescription diet l/d in a dry dog food formula.

Is Hills All There Is?

Dog parents are looking for a prescription formulated l/d dog food that will not only assist in their dog's battle against liver disease, but offer a well-balanced, nutrient-rich meal for their dog. Hills' l/d formula makes this claim as does Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Hepatic canned dog food formula. Royal Canin is a vet formulated dog food that contains essential ingredients to manage your dog's liver disease. A moderate level of easily digestible complex carbohydrates fortified with dietary fiber and minimal copper make up this therapeutic dog food. Royal Canin Hepatic formula is preserved naturally, and enforced with antioxidants for a healthy immune system for your dog.