Lab and Pit Bull Temperament

Labrador retrievers and pit bulls have some similar temperament traits.
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Labrador retrievers and pit bulls are both energetic and people-friendly breeds well-suited as companion or family dogs. Both breeds share a love of family, are generally good with children, and seek attention and affection from humans. Labrador retrievers are generally good with other animals, while pit bulls show aggression toward other dogs.

Labrador Retriever Temperament

Labrador retrievers are sweet-natured, warm, loving, friendly, outgoing and intelligent. They have plenty of energy. They enjoying eating an abundance amount of food, even though it is not necessary to meet their nutritional needs. Owners have to put restrictions on the amount of food they consumed daily to prevent obesity. Their high intelligence combined with their eagerness to please makes them suitable for working as therapy dogs, guide dogs, handicap-assistance dogs and search-and-rescue dogs.

Labrador Retriever Behavior Toward Owners

Labrador retrievers are loyal and loving toward human companions. They get along well with people, dogs and animals. Labrador retrievers love kids, and enjoy being around them and participating in activities such as playing and running around outdoors. Most Labrador retrievers have the patience to be dressed up in clothing and adjust well to it. Although the labs are devoted to owner and family, they do not have keen watchdog or protective skills. For this reason they are not recommended to act as a family protector.

Pit Bull Temperament

The pit bull is fearless, friendly, outgoing and happy. Pit bulls seek human attention and is welcoming and accepting towards adults and children, especially their family. When visitors arrive, the pit bull will greet them at the door without aggression, even if they are strangers. This reaction is due to their people-friendly nature. Pit bulls are common companion and family pets.

Pit Bull Behavior Toward Other Dogs

Pit bulls are a dog-aggressive breed: Friendly as they may be to people, they'll try to dominate other canines. Even if they grow up in the same house with other dogs, they may sporadically or regularly behave aggressively toward other dogs. Pit bulls usually show aggression toward other dogs by the age of 1 year. Depending on the personality of the individual specimen, a pit bull may not show aggression early in life but it become present in adulthood. Pit bulls can be trained to tolerate other dogs; however, they should never be left unsupervised around other dogs at any age.