Lemon Verbena Toxicity in Dogs

Lemon verbena is not usually toxic to humans or dogs.
Siri Stafford/Lifesize/Getty Images

The strongest of the lemon-scented herbs, lemon verbena is commonly used to season poultry, fish and other dishes where a citrus flavor is desired. Lemon verbena is also utilized in essential oil and cleaning products and can repel dogs from wandering into garden areas sensitive to trampling.

Toxicity to Dogs

While some species of the verbena family, such as lantana, are considered toxic to dogs, lemon verbena is generally safe unless your dog consumes large amounts. Known interactions can include kidney irritation, so you may want to reconsider planting lemon verbena if your dog is an avid chewer with kidney problems.


If your dog has consumed lemon verbena or any other of your garden plants and exhibits diarrhea, vomiting or unusually heavy panting, contact your veterinarian. The ASPCA provides an online database of toxic and nontoxic plants and offers a toll-free number to ASPCA Animal Poison Control. A consultation fee may apply.