Lhasa Apso Hairstyles

Lhasa apsos are light shedders but they require lots of grooming.
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The Lhasa apso is known for his long, beautiful coat that parts in the middle and falls to both sides. If you are looking for a low-maintenance dog that requires little grooming, the Lhasa apso is not the breed for you. Caring for the Lhasa apso’s coat will require time and consistency. Finding a hairstyle that best suits your lifestyle is critical to maintaining a happy, healthy pet.

Long Hair

If you decide to let your Lhasa apso’s hair grow long, the coat will require extensive care to keep it soft and silky. The coat must be brushed daily to prevent mats. Set aside time each month for an extensive grooming session. Brush the entire coat thoroughly. Lift the top coat and brush the undercoat, as this is where mats form. Spray a de-matting or de-tangling solution on your pet’s coat before you start brushing. Bathe your Lhasa’s coat every four to six weeks. When lathering the coat with shampoo, avoid rubbing in a circular motion, as this can create tangles. Use a conditioner to keep the coat smooth and soft. Part the hair in the middle as you brush and dry.

Short Hair

If you do not have time to keep up with your Lhasa apso’s long coat and do not plan on showing your dog, you can cut the hair short. The puppy clip is an adorable option. The entire coat is trimmed down to 1 or 2 inches in length. Because Lhasa apso puppies undergo coat changes, avoid cutting his hair until 10 months of age. You can also ask your groomer to give your Lhasa apso a schnauzer or West Highland terrier haircut.

Jazzed Up Hair

Since the Lhasa apso’s long hair tends to fall in his eyes, gather the hair on the top of a head into a bow. Another option is to part the hair, pulling it back into two small bows. Fastening bows can be tricky. Use small elastic grooming rubber bands for best results. Separate the hair into two parts and fasten a plain rubber band to the front portion. Next attach the bow. Use a second rubber band to connect the back portion of hair to the front. You can also braid the hair around your dog’s face to keep it out of his eyes.

Wrapped Hair

To keep your Lhasa apso’s long, flowing coat in mint condition, you can wrap it. This process keeps the hair free from dirt and debris. It is popular among show dogs. Spray the hair with grooming oil designed to reduce mats. Separate the coat into sections and place a rubber band around each section of hair. Wrap the hair in rice paper, roll it up and tie with a rubber band. Remove the wraps once a week to brush the coat before rewrapping.