Life Stages Folding Dog Crate Instructions

Folding dog crates provide a quick, easy way to contain a dog.
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Life Stages folding dog crates come in a variety of sizes to fit different-sized dogs. As a general rule, you should purchase a crate to suit the adult size of your dog. Dividers are available that can be added to reduce the size of the crate to fit your puppy. The divider can be adjusted as the puppy grows. To move a Life Stages crate, it can easily be folded and carried with one hand. Setup is equally easy.

Fold Down the Crate

Close and latch the door of the crate. The tray can be left in place or removed by unsnapping the tray latch and sliding the tray out of the crate.

Press at the top of the back panel. You need to push just far enough to move the top wire of the back panel past the tabs that hold it in place when the cage is set up. The crate may have side tabs as well.

Fold down the back of the crate. Lay it inside the crate. Note that it will remain attached, as will all of the crate panels.

Repeat the process with the front panel. When it has been freed from the tabs, lay it down on top of the back panel.

Lay the remaining framework down flat by leaning it to the left. The entire cage will now be flat, with the right side panel on top of the front and back panels. The top and left side panels will be to the left of these.

Grasp the farthest edge of the crate. This is the edge where the top and left side panel join one another. Lift it straight up, making sure that the right panel stays flat. Bring the edge down to the right side of the crate bottom. This will bring the top and left panels to lie on top of the rest of the crate, completing the process.

Setting Up the Crate

Place the crate on the ground with the crate bottom flat on the ground.

Lift the loose side of the crate up and over the rest of the crate. Unfold it so the top and one side panel are lying to the left of the crate.

Grasp the top panel and lift it up and to the right. Lift it high enough so that the left and right side panels stand vertically. The sides should be at right angles to the top and bottom sections.

Pull the front panel into a vertical position. Snap the panel into the tabs on the top and sides of the crate. Repeat the process with the back panel.

Slide the tray into the crate, if necessary. Lift the tray latch and snap it in place to hold the tray in position.


  • Smaller crates may not have side tabs, but may only have those on the top. If your crate has a divider in it, the divider must be removed before the crate can be folded.


  • Be sure all tabs are tightly engaged, to ensure your dog cannot escape. When working with folding dog crates exercise care to avoid pinching your fingers.