Lighted Leashes for Dogs

Dogs often enjoy being taken for walks, regardless of the time of day.
Janie Airey/Lifesize/Getty Images

Walking your dog is a great way to spend time with him while getting plenty of exercise. If you don't have enough daylight hours to walk your dog, you may find yourself walking him in the early morning or late evening hours. Choosing the right leash can make walking your dog in the dark safer and more pleasant.

Dog Leashes

The purpose of your dog's leash is to keep him with you when you are taking him somewhere. The leash should be long enough to allow your dog to walk comfortably beside you and strong enough to keep your dog with you even if he tries to pull away; a broken leash can put him in harm's way.

Lighted Leashes

A lighted dog leash has a light incorporated into the design of the leash. Lighted leashes can be lit using LED lights, glow sticks or even glow-in-the-dark fabric. Lighted leashes are intended to glow when you are using the leash. Some leashes glow all the time, while others have to be turned on and off.

Purpose of a Lighted Leash

A lighted dog leash can help keep you safe while you are walking your dog. Lighted leashes glow in the dark and make you and your dog more visible to cars, pedestrians and anyone else who needs to see you when you are walking your dog. If you regularly walk your dog in the dark, a lighted leash can be a good addition to reflective clothing and dog collars.

Cost and Design

The cost of a lighted leash will be determined by the quality of materials used as well as the lifespan of the lights. Lighted leashes that are designed to last long term feature replaceable batteries and on/off switches. The average lighted leash costs between $10 and $30 at the time of publication. You can also purchase matching lighted collars to go with your dog's lighted leash.