How Long Before I Know the OFA Hip Results for My Dogs?

Dogs being used for breeding should be evaluated for genetic diseases they may be predisposed to.
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The OFA -- Orthopedic Foundation for Animals -- utilizes testing, such as hip radiographs, to evaluate dogs for genetic problems in an effort to minimize their occurrence. The amount of time it takes to receive results depends upon how long it takes the OFA to receive your dogs’ images. Typically it takes approximately two weeks to get the results back.


The OFA evaluates pelvic radiographs, commonly called X-rays, for hip dysplasia, a crippling joint disease. Eliminating affected dogs from breeding pools helps prevent the propagation of the disease. You should contact your veterinarian if you are thinking of breeding your dogs, to determine if you should have OFA evaluations performed. A multitude of OFA certifications exist, from hip screening to DNA genetic diseases. Certain breeds are prone to specific conditions, from hip dysplasia in German shepherds to cardiac arrhythmias in boxers. While hip evaluations may take two weeks to receive results, the turnaround time for other testing is approximately one week. Once you know your results, your veterinarian can help you determine whether you should include affected dogs in breeding programs or whether the dogs have a risk of eventually developing specific health problems.