How Long Before Revolution Kills Worms in Dogs?

Revolution kills heartworm larvae in your dog.
John Howard/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Selamectin, a prescription medication for dogs marketed under the brand name Revolution, kills ticks, mange, ear mites, fleas and flea eggs. Even though you might apply this topical medication on your dog each month for heartworm prevention, Revolution doesn't actually kill worms. Instead, it gets rid of microfilariae -- the heartworm larvae introduced into a dog's system via a mosquito bite.

Revolution for Dogs

Your veterinarian conducts an annual blood test on your dog before prescribing Revolution, even if your dog has been on the product year-round. That's to ensure there is no evidence of heartworm infestation. As a broad-spectrum parasite control medication, Revolution doesn't kill off heartworm larvae as efficiently as ivermectin, the primary ingredient in heartworm-only preventives. While Revolution for cats does kill feline hookworms and roundworms, the veterinary label does not indicate that it kills these parasites in dogs. Ask your veterinarian for an appropriate medication to eradicate canine worm infestations.