How Long Is a Dog Agility Seesaw?

The agility seesaw, also known as the teeter, is one of three contact obstacles used in agility competitions. The other two contact obstacles -- those whose surfaces your dog’s feet touch -- are the A-frame and the dog walk.

Agility Seesaw Dimensions

The required length of an agility seesaw ramp is 12 feet, according to the United States Dog Agility Association’s regulations. The width of the agility seesaw ramp is 11 to 12 inches. The height of the seesaw ramp depends upon the size of your dog, ranging from 24 to 27 inches.

Contact Zones

The seesaw contact zone is the area where your dog gets on and off the seesaw. During an agility trial, your dog’s paws must touch the surface of the seesaw in the first 3 feet of the ramp and the last 3 feet of the ramp. If your dog jumps on or off the ramp and misses the contact zones, he receives five faults, according to USDAA competition regulations.


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