How Long Does My Dog Have to Avoid Activity After Spaying?

Instruct children that dogs need to remain calm during their recovery.
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You should restrict your dog’s activity for a minimum of seven to 10 days after she gets spayed, or up to two weeks. The first three days are especially important, during which you should make sure that she leaves the wound alone so it can heal. In addition to restricting her activity levels, you should prevent her from licking the wound site, using a collar if necessary to keep her away from it.

Minimizing Activity

For the first day after surgery, your dog shouldn’t be around other pets or children at all. After that, you can allow her to intermingle with other members of the household, so long as you do not let her play wildly, run or jump. After the first day you can start taking her outside, but only on a leash for at least 10 days. The rest of the time, keep her indoors and supervised as much as possible to facilitate quick healing of the incision site.