How Long Do English Bull Dogs Generally Live?

English bulldogs have comparatively short average lifespans.
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Learning about a specific dog breed may be useful in determining the right pet for your individual needs, whether it comes to medical issues or daily physical fitness requirements. English bulldogs, often loved for their unmistakable wrinkly visages and stocky physiques, typically have shorter lifespans than canines of other breeds.

About English Bulldogs

The English bulldog, which originated in Great Britain, is a well-known breed that is appreciated for its laid-back, relaxed and mellow manner. The name of the breed is derived from "bull baiting." English bulldogs historically were involved in the sport for bull seizing and pinning purposes. The English bulldog usually grows to moderate size, usually weighing anywhere between 40 and 50 pounds as adults. In terms of daily physical exercise, the breed does not require particularly large amounts.

Average Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of an English bulldog is not very long when compared to dogs of different breeds. According to the University of Florida's Interactive Media Lab, English bulldogs, on average, reach somewhere between 7 and 10 years in age. However, all individual dogs are different, and it's important to remember that some English bulldogs may surpass 10 years old, while others, on the other hand, may pass away well before 7 years old.

Medical Issues

English bulldogs may be more susceptible to certain health ailments that may alter their lifespans, as well. The breed is especially vulnerable a variety of things such as respiratory difficulties, heatstroke, infection of the skin, degenerative joint disease, hypothyroidism, mast cell tumors, hip dysplasia and others. Any and all of these health conditions may have an effect on how long an English bulldog remain healthy, active and alive, so take note.


It is impossible to predict how long any specific English bulldog will live. As a caring and loving owner of an English bulldog, or a pet of any kind, for that matter, all you can do is make sure that your sweetie eats a proper and balanced doggie diet for her specific breed, health and age. The same also applies to daily exercise requirements. For an English bulldog, a long walk once a day may be totally appropriate. Regular veterinary checkups are also a must, especially as dogs advance in age.