How Long Should I Keep a Harness on a Dog?

When Sparky returns from his outing, his harness should be kept aside with his leash.
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Perhaps Sparky has neck or trachea issues requiring a harness, or maybe he’s a big guy, wearing it to pull you along as you Rollerblade. No matter the reason for a harness, it’s handy for both of you when you’re out and about. When you’re done with outdoor fun, hang the harness up.

Harnesses 101

The type of harness Sparky uses depends on why he's wearing it. If he's pulling a cart or sled, a harness with a back hook is a solid choice, however, for daily walks, it can encourage pulling. A front attaching harness will redirect your dog back to you if he heads a different direction, making it a better walking option. These harnesses come in a variety of configurations affecting their usefulness in different situations. No matter what type of harness your pup wears, he should only wear it when he's using it. Harnesses have a variety of straps, buckles and rings, easily caught on cabinet knobs or other things that can hang him up. A dog hung up through his harness may panic and hurt himself, trying to get out of his tangle.