How to Make Cheap Homemade Dog Food

by Sandy Vigil

Whole fryer chickens are an inexpensive protein source for a slow-cooker dog food.

Organic, holistic and raw foods are among many premium-quality pet food options for the discerning pet lover, and they come at a premium price. An alternative to spending bucks beaucoup for top-quality dog food is to make it yourself. A few ingredients will keep cost to $10 to $12 dollars a batch.


Step 1

Put a whole fryer and chicken livers in a slow cooker.

Step 2

Add frozen vegetables.

Step 3

Cover the meat and vegetables with water.

Step 4

Cook in the slow cooker on high for two to four hours.

Step 5

Switch the temperature to low and cook for eight more hours.

Step 6

Stir or mash the meat and vegetables together. Drain with a strainer.

Money Saving Ideas

Step 1

Check your refrigerator before you begin cooking a batch of food.

Step 2

Use leftovers from your refrigerator for ingredients. Dr. Greg Martinez says, “meat and veggies in the Crock-Pot even makes old salad taste good.” In other words, even wilted lettuce works. But stay away from avocados, dairy and the onion family.

Step 3

Buy meat and vegetables that are on clearance or sale to save.

Feeding and Storage

Step 1

Feed a 20-pound dog 20 ounces or 2 1/2 cups of homemade food a day.

Step 2

Feed an inactive 20-pound dog less; feed a pregnant, nursing or extremely active dog more. Winter may be an excuse to feed a bit more than in warmer months.

Step 3

Store the unused food in the refrigerator for up to a week. Freeze serving-size portions for up to three months.

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