How to Make a Dog Bed With Cedar Shavings

Dogs need a place to sleep too.
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Cedar is an alternative to traditional stuffing as filler for your dog bed. Not only does cedar have a naturally sweet smell, but it also repels fleas and ticks. The invention of the zippered pillow cover and bagged cedar shavings makes creating your own cedar dog bed an easy, do-it-yourself task.

Step 1

Purchase a pillow case or cover that closes with a zipper. Generally, they come in twin, double or king sizes. Additionally, a larger cover for body pillows is available for big dogs.

Step 2

Pick a size that makes a bed large enough for your dog so he can sprawl out if he wants. To help offset the cost, visit your local thrift store and see if they have a discount cover available for sale.

Step 3

Unzip the pillow case or cover. Fill the cover with cedar savings or ribbon dog bedding made from cedar. Remove any chunks or large pieces of cedar before putting them in the cover.

Step 4

Zip the new cedar dog bed closed. Fluff the bed with your hands and make sure you have enough cedar to keep the pillow off the ground, but not so much that your dog cannot lay comfortably on it.


  • If your dog coughs, sneezes, has watery eyes or shows signs of a cedar allergy, take the dog bed away and see if he improves. For severe allergies or difficulty breathing, contact your veterinarian.


  • Unzip the cover and empty the old cedar shavings out when cleaning it. Simply wash the cover in the washing machine, then add new shavings.

Items You Will Need

  • Pillow case or cover
  • Cedar shavings