How to Make a Dog Food Dispenser

An automatic feeder is an efficient way to feed Fido.
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An automatic dog food dispenser is the perfect accessory for the well-disciplined dog. If you live a busy lifestyle, it is nice not to have to worry about whether someone fed Fido. Just fill up the dispenser and he can feed himself. Keep in mind, if Fido doesn't know when he's full, an automatic food dispenser may not be the right choice.

Step 1

Begin by cleaning the bucket with soapy water and drying it. Measure the base of the bucket and select a square or rectangular dog food dish that you will be able to slide tightly into the base of the bucket. Half of this dish will cover the base of the bucket, while half will be exposed for Fido to eat from. Depending on the dog's size, the length of this dish may need to be larger to accommodate a larger snout.

Step 2

Using the utility knife, cut out a "slot" at the bottom of one side of the bucket. This must accommodate the height and width specifications of your dog dish. Slide the dish through the slot, ensuring food is able to travel freely through it, from the bucket side to the feeding side of the dish.

Step 3

Secure the dish to the bucket using a hot glue gun and allow to dry completely. Lastly, fill the bucket with kibble and secure the lid so Fido cannot access the reserve food.


  • This device is not designed for puppies and those dogs who are over-eaters.


  • Food must be able to automatically refill in exposed portion of the dish. Ensure the slot is large enough for this and alter based on size of kibble.

Items You Will Need

  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure
  • Hot glue gun
  • Square or rectangular dog food dish no larger than the width of the bucket
  • Clean square based 5 gallon bucket with lid (i.e. utility bucket, discarded cat litter bucket)