How to Make a Dog House With a FedEx Box

by Meg Butler

A FedEx box doghouse is perfect for your child's stuffed friend.

A FedEx box is not sturdy enough to function as a permanent outdoor doghouse. However, it can be crafted into an indoor doghouse that makes a cozy and protected sleeping spot or a great home for a stuffed animal. You need very few tools to make a FedEx box doghouse. But a little imagination goes a long way. Once you have crafted the doghouse itself, consider decorating it to suit your dog's personality or the decor of the room.

Step 1

Position the FedEx box so that the opened flaps face upward.

Step 2

Trace an opening on one of narrow sides of the box. It should be large enough for the animal (stuffed or real) to fit through easily. The upside-down "U" shape is traditional, but feel free to get creative. Once the opening is drawn on the box, cut the opening out with a utility knife.

Step 3

Cut away the two larger flaps on the box. Score the flaps along their folding points with your utility knife to remove them in one piece. You will be using them later.

Step 4

Make the roof supports. Measure the width of one of the small flaps. Divide that number in half and mark the center point on the top of each flap. Use your ruler to trace two diagonal lines on each flap that run from the midpoint down to each corner to create a triangle. Cut along the lines to create a triangle (it should be attached to the box at its base).

Step 5

Stabilize the triangle supports. Cut two small rectangles (2 inches by 1 inch should be sufficient) out of the scrap cardboard. Glue one rectangle onto the interior of the box so that it overlaps the fold of the triangle support on both sides and holds it upright. Repeat for the other flap.

Step 6

Tape the long flaps (that you cut off in step one) together to create a roof. Connect them lengthwise, along their longest edge.

Step 7

Glue on the roof flaps. Paint the edges of the triangle support with rubber cement. Lay the taped roof over the triangle flaps to create the roof.

Step 8

Decorate the dog house.

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