How to Make Your Doggie Feel Loved

"Together time" is essential for showing your dog your love.
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You might tell your dog you love him and constantly worry about his happiness, but it's also important to make sure that the little guy gets the message loud and clear. Thankfully, you can show your pet your sincerest love in so many different ways, from playing with him to petting him.

Physical Fitness

Partaking in fitness activities with your dog is not only beneficial to both of your physical conditions, it can serve as an effective bonding tool, too. Extended walks at the park, for example, can get your pet's body moving, and can also help strengthen the interaction between you and your furry cutie. Hide-and-seek and fetch are also fun games that you can play with your dog -- even when you're cooped up indoors on a major snow day.

Hug Sessions

Make your doggie feel all loved up by setting aside plentiful huggy sessions on a regular basis -- aww. Soothe your pet by massaging his tummy, petting his ears and simply decompressing together on the couch as you catch up on your favorite television shows.


As easy as it might be just to let your dog get away with misbehaving, in the end that always results in bigger problems -- and an unhappy pooch and owner, to boot. Establish some order to your pet's life and make a point to always abide by it. Never get lazy when it comes to disciplining your dog in a loving way. Whether your dog has a penchant for chewing on your household furniture or barking at you for treats, don't ignore any behavioral issues. Boundaries are important.


Regular exercise isn't the only component to keeping your dog healthy and feeling loved. Proper nourishment also is a big deal. Don't offer your pet meals of "people foods" that don't provide his body with the nutrients he needs. Instead, opt for complete commercial dog foods that will keep him feeling energetic and happy, hopefully for years to come. Although your pet might dread them, routine appointments at the veterinarian's office also are a must. If you need suggestions for specific types of dog foods, your vet can help.

Safe Haven

Allow your dog to feel like a king by designating a cozy spot in your home just for him. A clean and soft sleeping area -- devoid of any mess or clutter -- can go a long way in making your dog feel content and most importantly, loved.

Grooming Practices

Regularly grooming your dog -- think brushing and bathing -- not only can help keep the furry guy healthy, tidy and comfy, it can also be excellent for working on your pet-and-owner connection.

Interactive Toys

Demonstrate your adoration for your dog by making sure that he constantly gives his brain workouts. Interactive doggie toys can be beneficial for these purposes, whether puzzles or toys that conceal yummy "treat" prizes. Give your dog's brain something positive to focus on, rather than ever allowing him to feel bored and frustrated.