How to Make a Drinking Bowl Fountain for Pets

Dogs require a fresh and readily available water source.
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Dogs love moving water and will lap greedily from most water sources, from the freshly poured to the downright murky. Pet water fountains are readily available from many pet product manufacturers, but they can do damage to the wallet. Providing your dog with a DIY drinking bowl fountain can be both inexpensive and easy.

Must Have Water

A fresh water source isn't a luxury for a dog, it's a necessity. Dogs need clean, fresh water daily for their bodies to function properly. Keeping the water bowl tidy can be laborious, as dog saliva quickly can cloud the cleanest water source. A filtered dog fountain can be constructed in just a few steps and will afford your pooch the luxury of constant filtered water. You'll need a couple of items available at most retail stores.

Your Bowl Runneth Over

Choose your bowl based on the size of your dog. A larger bowl will need to be filled less often, but a bowl that's too big can be awkward for a smaller dog. A stainless bowl is highly durable and easily cleaned. In addition to the bowl, you'll need a small circulating aquarium filter, which is easy to find at a pet store or retail chain. A couple of shims can help stabilize the filter and allow it to work properly. Plastic shims will work best. Wood may become damp and moldly. Purchase a pet mat to lay beneath your filtered bowl. The mat will catch any spills and can be chosen to match your existing décor.

Some Assembly Required

Assemble the water filter according to the manufacturer's instructions. Choose a spot for your filtered bowl. You'll need to plug your filter into an outlet, so a location where the cord won't create a trip hazard is best. Place your mat in the desired location, with the bowl centered. Place the filter into the bowl and shim so the filter isn't sitting at an angle. Add water. The water level will need to reach the filter's intake, at a minimum. Plug the filter in and prime according to the instructions.

Keeping it Clean

The simple design of your dog filtered bowl will make it easy to clean. Periodically wash the bowl and rinse well. White vinegar will help remove any residue, especially if your home has hard water. The water filter will need to be changed routinely, usually once a month, or more often depending upon the number of pets who are using the bowl and the frequency in which they visit it. At each water filter change, clean the entire filter unit thoroughly.