How to Make Gruel for Puppies

Gruel is ideal for little teeth and hungry bellies.
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While gruel may not sound too appetizing to you, it's an intermediate food for puppies in between Mom's milk and dry puppy kibble. It's both soft and warm, which makes it appealing and easy to eat. The pups are ready to start gruel in between 3 and 4 weeks old, and Mom will be ready for a break from the sharp puppy teeth on her teats!


The best main ingredient for gruel is a high-quality, natural-ingredient puppy food -- the same puppy food you'll be giving them until they move onto adult food. Moisten the puppy kibble with warm water and let it sit until it's soft and mushy, about the consistency of oatmeal. Place the gruel in a shallow pan or saucer to make it easier on the pups. Over the next four or so weeks, gradually reduce the amount of water so that the pups are eating dry kibble when they're about 7 to 8 weeks old.