How to Make a Memory Foam Dog Bed

by Deborah Lundin

Convert an old dog bed into a memory foam bed with a few simple steps.

Memory foam dog beds provide support and cushioning to bones and joints and provide additional comfort to older dogs, those suffering with arthritis or hip dysplasia or dogs recovering from a surgical procedure. Whether you are trying to save money or just can’t find a memory foam bed you like, making your own only takes a few easy steps and allows you to customize the bed to your dog’s needs and your home.

Step 1

Recycle your old dog bed. If you have a dog bed with a removable cover that your dog is happy with, remove the inside filling and use this cover to make your memory foam bed.

Step 2

Measure your dog, when he is lying down, from front legs to back legs and from top to bottom. If you are not using an old dog bed, use this measurement to make a new bed cover. Depending on the size of your dog, you may be able to use a pillowcase. If not, cut out two pieces of material and sew them together, leaving one end open to put in the memory foam. Use the measurements of your dog and add a few inches to allow for sewing and memory foam height. Whether using a pillowcase or sewn material, you may decide to add a zipper to close the bed. This is optional. If you choose this, sew the zipper onto the opening end.

Step 3

Cut the memory foam based on the measurements. Place the foam inside the cover and zipper closed. If you did not add a zipper, simply fold over the end of the material and place the bed on the floor for your dog.

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