How to Make a No-Sew Braided Fleece Dog Leash

A homemade fleece leash lets you add a bit of style to your dog's leash.
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Whether you are looking for a leash to match your dog’s snazzy wardrobe or want to make one that is a specific length that you are having trouble finding, a no-sew braided leash may be the answer. With just a few simple steps, create a custom leash in the color and pattern you desire that is strong enough for your dog’s size.

Step 1

Cut three pieces of fleece, measuring 218 inches long and 1/4-inch thick. This will create a 6-foot long leash for a dog under 30 pounds. For larger dogs, increase the thickness of the strips up to an inch. For shorter leashes, decrease the length of the strips by 36 inches for each foot. For example, use 146-inch long strips for a 4-foot leash.

Step 2

Stack the three pieces of fleece. Thread one end of the strips through the opening of the metal bolt snap. Bring the ends together with the other end, so the center of the strips is in the loop of the snap. Tie the strips in a knot at the base of the snap to secure. This will leave six strips of fleece hanging from the snap.

Step 3

Clip the snap onto a surface or tape the snap onto a table in front of where you will be braiding. This helps maintain tension while you braid. Separate the six strands into three groups of two.

Step 4

Braid the strands while maintaining even tension and keeping the braid as tight as possible. Continue braiding until you reach the end of the strips.

Step 5

Take the end of the braid and lay it over the main braid, creating a loop handle for the leash. Cut a two-foot long piece of string. Wrap the string tightly around the area where the two parts come together and tie securely. Cut a foot long piece of colored duct tape and wrap around the area tied with string to secure the connection.


  • Test the leash in a controlled space, such as a fenced area, to make sure that all parts are secure before venturing out for a walk.


  • Make sure that the metal bolt snap you choose is strong enough for your dog’s weight. Small, lightweight bolt snaps work for smaller dogs, while large dogs or dogs that pull on the leash require heavier metal snaps.

Items You Will Need

  • Six yards of fleece
  • Metal bolt snap (strong enough for your dog’s size and weight)
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Colored duct tape