How to Make Plain Leather Dog Collars

by Rachael Kaine

A leather dog collar will look great on breeds of all sizes.

Most places require dogs to be collared at all times in case they escape and need to be caught and identified. While there are many types of collars and harnesses, a simple leather collar is one of the most stylish, and can be made easily by any dog owner.

Step 1

Measure around your dog's neck with the tape measure. Add 4 extra inches to this number to allow for growth, as well as to have a bit of extra collar to tuck into the D or O ring. On the inside of the belt, mark this length starting at the end attached to the buckle.

Step 2

Cut the belt to length at this mark with the scissors. Mark the underside of the cut leather end, creating a rounded shape and use the craft knife to trim to this marking. Use the craft knife to smooth the edges. This rounding at the end makes it easier to fasten the collar on even the wiggliest of dogs.

Step 3

Select the correct size punch hole by inserting the buckle arm until it fits snugly. Use this hole, and begin adding punches to the existing ones in the leather. If the leather was cut before the holes on the belt started, begin punching 2 inches from the rounded end of the collar, and continue at 1-inch intervals for a medium- to large-sized dog, and half-inch intervals for any breed smaller than 30 pounds.

Step 4

Slide the D or O ring onto the leather collar. This ring should be slightly larger than the width of the leather to ensure that it will serve the purpose of holding the excess leather snugly. This ring can slide freely, or be sewn to the leather so that it is stationary. If sewing the ring, secure it no more than 3 inches away from the belt buckle to ensure that there is enough excess leather to warrant using it.

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