How to Make Puppy Clothes

Recycle that old, worn-out sweater to make clothes for your puppy.
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In general, puppies don't require a wardrobe. However, outdoors on a chilly day, he'll probably appreciate a sweater or sweatshirt. You could spend a fortune on trendy, fashionable puppy clothing from the pet supply store. As fast as your baby is growing, though, the sweatshirt that fits him this week will be too small next week. The solution is to repurpose an old sweater or sweatshirt into warm and fashionable clothing for your pup.

Step 1

Measure around your puppy's neck using the tape measure and compare that measurement to the cuff opening on the sweater or sweatshirt to ensure that it won't be too tight around his neck.

Step 2

Take your pup's measurements with the tape measure, writing down each as you go. You'll need to know the width of his chest between his front legs, the length of his neck, the measurement from the base of his neck to the top of his arm and the length of his back from the base of his tail to the base of his neck.

Step 3

Measure one sleeve of the sweater starting at the cuff and using a straight pin to mark it to the same length as your puppy's back. Use the scissors to cut the sleeve off at that point.

Step 4

Mark the cuff of the sleeve to the same measurement as your puppy's neck length. For example, if your pup's neck is 3 inches long, you'll measure 3 inches from the edge of the cuff and insert a straight pin at that point

Step 5

Insert armholes into your puppy's sweater right below the straight pin marking the neck measurement. Mark the measurement from the base of his neck to the top of his arm, and use your pup's chest measurement to ensure that the armholes are spaced appropriately. For instance, if it's 1.5 inches from the base of your pup's neck to the top of his arm and his chest measurement is 2.5 inches, you would use the scissors to cut two 1.5 to 2 inch slits in the sweater, 1.5 inches below the pin marking the base of the neck, and they should be 2.5 inches apart.

Step 6

Take all the pins out of the sweater.

Step 7

Finish the cut edge -- the one opposite the cuff edge -- using the zigzag stitch on the sewing machine.


  • Socks can be turned into clothes for tiny puppies using this method.

  • Recycled children's clothing is a useful alternative for larger breed puppies who are too big to wear a sock or a sleeve from a sweatshirt.

Items You Will Need

  • Old sweatshirt or sweater
  • Cloth tape measure
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread to match the sweatshirt