Making Homemade Crunchy Dog Food

Crunchy granola is super-nutritious for breakfast or a midday snack.
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Your dog is family, she deserves the best. Spoil her with this nutty grrrranola breakfast featuring the crunchy goodness of pecans, sunflower seeds and oats, and drizzled with raw, organic honey and vanilla. It's a heavenly concoction your canine companion will love to wake up to.

Step 1

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine honey, oil and vanilla in the small saucepan and gently heat on a low setting.

Step 2

Combine the cracked wheat, rolled oats, corn- or bran flakes, wheat germ, sunflower seeds and pecans in the large mixing bowl. Pour the honey, oil and vanilla mixture over the dry ingredients. Mix thoroughly until all the dry ingredients are coated in the honey mixture.

Step 3

Turn out the granola onto the greased baking sheet. Bake for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent overcooking, until the granola is a light, golden brown. Cool completely and serve. Store leftovers in the refrigerator.


  • Some dogs are allergic to wheat.

  • Macadamia nuts can be poisonous to dogs.

  • Some dogs are allergic to nuts or seeds.

  • Unlike human granola, granola for dogs must not contain raisins or chocolate, which are both toxic to dogs.


  • Add some crunchy natural peanut butter to the mix and stuff into your dog's favorite toy.

  • For variety, substitute different nuts for the pecans. Peanuts, hazlenuts or walnuts are tasty and nutritious choices.

  • Try other crispy cereals for texture and variety.

  • Toss in some coconut flakes, or dried cranberries for a festive touch.

  • Add diced dried fruits like apples, bananas and berries for nutritional variety.

  • Toasted pumpkin seeds and other seeds may be used in addition to the sunflower seeds or combine seeds for lots of crunch.

  • Organic seeds, nuts and other ingredients are best, if available.

Items You Will Need

  • Large bowl
  • Small saucepan
  • Large baking sheet
  • Olive oil non-stick cooking spray
  • 3/4 cup raw, organic honey
  • 1/2 cup safflower oil
  • 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
  • 2 cups cracked wheat
  • 2 1/2 cups old-fashioned, rolled oats
  • 2 cups cornflakes or bran flakes
  • 1 cup wheat germ
  • 1 cup sunflower seeds
  • 1 cup chopped pecans