How Many Breeds of Husky Are There?

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While there's only one true breed of husky, there are husky "types" used in dog sled racing. Generically, husky refers to northern dogs bred primarily to pull sleds, whether for general transportation or racing. The mixed-breed huskies might resemble the purebred Siberian husky, but there are subtle differences. Both the pure and mixed breeds are working dogs, although the Siberian husky also serves as a family pet.

Siberian Husky

While bred to pull sleds, modern Siberian huskies excel at all types of jobs, including therapy. Many Siberian huskies sport blue eyes, although brown or an eye of each color is acceptable. This medium-sized canine has a thick coat, and hair of any color is permitted in the breed standard. While his coat requires a good deal of brushing, the Siberian husky is an unusually clean animal, with no doggy odor.

Alaskan Husky

The Alaskan husky resembles the Siberian husky and carries a lot of that breed's blood. However, he doesn't have the Siberian husky's blue eyes and is generally larger and lighter. Because the Alaskan husky's primary job is racing, breeders might blend other breeds into the mix, including the greyhound, German shorthaired pointer, Alaskan malamute and the white Eskimo dog.


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