Master Grooming Tools for Dogs

by Kimberly Kilmer

Master Grooming Tools is a brand of canine dog grooming tools used by professional groomers and pet owners. Designed by grooming professionals, the company manufactures various sizes of combs, nail care tools, brushes, scissors, and clippers. Master Grooming Tools products are sold in pet supply stores and respected online pet and grooming supply retailers such as PetEdge.


Master Grooming Tools makes handled metal combs with pin widths that accommodate different types of dog coats. They also make ergonomic plastic and rubber-handled tools and wooden-handled implements. Specialty grooming tools such as shedding rakes, undercoat rakes, mat cutters, and stripping tools come in sizes appropriate for all breeds and coat types. All metal pin combs are also available in styles without handles.


In addition to their combs, Master Grooming Tools has pin, slicker, and bristle brushes available to care for all types of coats and sizes of dogs. Ergonomic plastic and rubber handled brushes and wooden handled brushes ensure a comfortable fit in the hands of a wide variety of groomers. In addition to their handled brushes, the company also makes brightly colored rubber currycomb-style grooming brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Nail Care

Master Grooming Tools makes several styles of nail clippers and rotary style nail grinders. The company also makes all the blades and replacement parts for their nail care tools. Rotary grinders are manufactured in corded and cordless styles and are sold as individual components or as complete sets.

Scissors, Shears, and Clippers

If you are a professional groomer, new to grooming, or have a new dog whose grooming needs differ from your other dogs, you will quickly discover the need for a wide variety of scissors, shears, and clippers necessary to groom various dog breeds. Master Grooming Tools offers a wide variety of well-made but reasonably priced scissors, shears, and clippers to their customers. Some of the most commonly used sizes of shears and clippers are available in sets, making them most appropriate for novice professional groomers and owners who groom their dogs at home.

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