How to Measure for a Choke Chain

The correct choke collar size is critical to avoid injury to your dog.
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Dogs love walking with their people, both for bonding and exercise. Training your dog to walk without playing tug-of-war makes the experience safer and more enjoyable for both of you. Start early; leash training should begin when your dog is two months old. If you choose to use a choke collar as part of your dog's training, getting the correct measurement and fit for the collar will keep your dog healthy as it learns.

Step 1

A calm dog makes measuring for the choke collar easier.

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Pick a time when your dog will be calm or recruit a friend to help hold your dog. Speak to your dog soothingly and scratch behind its ears to reassure the dog while you are measuring.

Step 2

Measure your dog's neck using a soft tape measure. Choose a spot high on the dog's neck, closer to the dog's ears rather than its shoulders. Add 3 inches to the measurement to allow enough slack in the choke collar.

Step 3

Take your dog to a pet-friendly store to purchase the choke collar. You will be able to try the choke collar on your dog, and the store staff can answer any questions you may have. If you can't find a choke collar with the exact measurement, choose the next highest available size.

Step 4

Puppies grow fast; measure often.

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Monitor your dog's growth and check the choke collar frequently. Puppies, like all babies, grow constantly. Even after a dog attains full growth, a weight gain or loss can affect the fit of its choke collar. Check the choke collar every time you put it on your pet. Your dog will love the attention and you will know the satisfaction of being a great pet owner.


  • Never use a choke collar on a small breed dog, such as a dachshund or chihuahua. Consult your vet if you have questions.


  • Choke collars are for training time only; remove it from your dog once you are finished.

  • Leash your dog before taking it in the pet store for everyone's safety.

An Item You Will Need

  • Soft measuring tape