How to Measure the Height of a Great Dane

Using a wall, measuring tape and a level, you can measure the height of your Great Dane.
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Dog height is measured at the withers --- the highest peak of the dog's shoulder blades. The American Kennel Club sets standard heights for dogs: for Great Danes the male must be at least 30 inches at the shoulders and preferably should be 32 inches or more; the female should be at least 28 inches, but it's preferred that her height be 30 inches or taller. In a dog show, Danes under minimum height are disqualified. A special tool called a wicket is used to measure dogs for the show ring, to get uniform and accurate measurements on all the dogs. Wickets cost a couple hundred dollars, though. If you are curious about the height of your Great Dane but don't require exact show measurements, you can easily measure the dog at home with a few simple tools.

Step 1

Position the dog in on a level surface with one side against a blank wall. Have a helper hold the dog in position if it won't stand still in a stay position.

Step 2

Place a carpenter's level across the dog's withers. Lay the level at the highest point on the dog's shoulders.

Step 3

Rest the level across the dog so it's touching the wall. Adjust the level position until the bubble is directly in the center.

Step 4

Mark the wall at the bottom of the level with a pencil.

Step 5

Move the dog away and use a metal measuring tape to measure from the floor to the pencil mark to get the dog's height.

Items You Will Need

  • Pencil
  • Carpenter's level
  • Metal measuring tape
  • Helper