Mercaptobenzothiazole Uses for Dogs

This pup has an itch that won't go away.
Junko Kimura/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Mercaptobenzothiazole is the active ingredient in some topical skin medications for dogs. It's an agent that treats areas of acute moist dermatitis -- commonly known as "hot spots," and it treats minor cuts and scrapes.

Mercaptobenzothiazole for Pups

Hot spots are self-inflicted skin lesions caused by excessive scratching or repeated licking and biting. A variety of behaviors can set them off -- something as simple as an itch or as grave as a bacterial or fungal infection -- so it is important to see a veterinarian for diagnosis before beginning any treatment. An ointment or cream with mercaptobenzothiazole will help dry the area, and reduce redness and swelling. Some humans show a slight allergic reaction to this medication, so use gloves when you're applying it to Fido.