Are Mesquite Chips Poisonous to Dogs?

Retrieving a stick may encourage Scruffy to chew on wood.
Hemera Technologies/ Images

The trail of mesquite chips lead from the barbeque supplies to the garden, where Scruffy is happily chewing the wood into tiny splinters. While mesquite adds flavor to your grilled foods, you don't want your puppy chewing on wood. It's not until later that you wonder if mesquite is poisonous to dogs -- and the answer is "No."


While mesquite isn't poisonous, chewing on wood should be discouraged. Wood splinters imbedded in Scruffy's mouth or throat, or his choking on a large piece of wood, could prompt an emergency trip to the veterinarian. Scruffy may chew on your mesquite chips, fence, firewood or trees for a variety of reasons, including boredom, anxiety or teething. Distract him with a chew toy or take him for a walk to temporarily stop his chewing. If he has anxiety issues or compulsively chews, talk to your veterinarian or trainer about ways to modify his behavior.