Methods for Calming a Hyper Dog

Doggie bouncing non-stop all day long?
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Is Rover a non-stop ball of energy? Are you going crazy with the constant bouncing, barking and "it's play time!" requests? If you've been blessed -- or cursed -- with a hyper dog, there are ways to bring the energy down one level -- or maybe two or three.

Step 1

Get your pooch into a daily workout routine. The more energy he burns out running, jumping or just playing around in the yard, the more he'll calm down once he's back inside the house. Super hyper dogs might do well with obstacle training because it burns both physical and mental energy.

Step 2

Make your home more Zen-like. There's at least a chance you might be -- at least partly -- at fault for Fido's hyperactivity. Is the TV or the stereo blasting often? Do you have children who run around the house screaming bloody murder all day long? Are you running around, doing a million things at once and getting irritated or yelling in the process? You can't expect your pup to chill when the whole house is crazy. Turn down the volume and the speed of the household, and he might just follow suit.

Step 3

Take your furry lad to obedience class. Or make your way to the library for some books on dog training so you can take over yourself. Just teaching him some basic commands could give you some control over the situation. Focus on commands like sit, down and stay to get you started. These can help you interrupt a very hyper dog and get him to settle down long enough to start the calming process.

Step 4

Get a companion or set up doggie playdates. Many dogs are hyper simply because they're bored. Even if you're at home, how long can you actually play with him before it's time to cook, answer emails or watch your favorite TV show? Bringing another puppy into the house will help target Rover's energy into his playmate. Can't afford another dog? Set up play dates with other dog owners or take him to the dog park so he can have social time with other doggies.


  • Some breeds, such as terriers and cocker spaniels, are naturally hyper. Although you can somewhat calm these dogs down, you can't expect to end up with a mellow dog. They're just not built that way.