Miniature Pinscher Information

by Sharon Harleigh

The min pin is the King of Toys.

Known as the "King of Toys," the miniature pinscher was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1925 in the toy breed category. This small but sturdy dog can be a great family companion and, while stubborn, can be trained to behave like a perfect member of the family. This dog is easy to maintain and groom, and does not require much more than shampoo and a good brushing to look his best.


"Pinscher" means "terrier" in German, and this German breed was bred for the purpose of hunting down rats in homes and barns. The miniature pinscher is a relative of the dachshund and Italian greyhound. While it resembles the Doberman pinscher, it's not a miniature version of that breed.


The miniature pinscher is lively and active. They love to chase and stalk, and they're very inquisitive dogs. They are loyal and wonderful family companions. If trained properly, they can thrive with other animals and with children. However, if they're not trained early and carefully, they can develop small dog syndrome, in which they believe they are the alpha in the family. Training and continuous reinforcement will prevent this behavior from occurring.


The miniature pinscher's small size makes him a great apartment companion, as he doesn't require much space to stretch out and can thrive indoors. It's an active breed, so these pups do need daily walks and plenty of play time with their humans for exercise and bonding. They should not be subjected to extreme cold weather as they do not have thick fur to protect them.


This small, study dog features a smooth coat and a perky face that gives the impression of alertness. Coat colors include red, red and black, black with rush-colored markings and chocolate with tan markings. Dogs can range in weight from 8 to 10 pounds, and they generally live about 15 years.

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