Miniature Schnauzer Grooming Styles

Miniature schnauzers need regular brushing.
Duncan Smith/Photodisc/Getty Images

Miniature schnauzers have the same wiry coat, distinctive bushy eyebrows and long beards that their larger relatives - standard schnauzers and giant schnauzers - have. There is a standard grooming style that accentuates these characteristic features but you have other options too. If you are going to show your little champion, the American Kennel Club requires a standard show cut, otherwise his hairstyle is up to you.

As Nature Intended

The miniature schnauzer has a double-layer coat with a coarse wiry topcoat and a soft undercoat. If you like the rugged look of him, there is no need to have his hair cut. You will need to set aside some time each day to brush him or his coat will become matted and full of knots. With the natural look you probably will have to get his eyebrows trimmed from time to time so he can see clearly. Have this done by a groomer or a vet.

Ready for the Show Ring

If you are going to show your boy, his outercoat will have to be stripped by hand rather than trimmed or shaved. You will need to find a groomer who is experienced with preparing dogs for showing. The hair on the neck, chest and body will be around an inch long, with longer hair on the legs. His head will be groomed to a rectangular shape with a well-shaped beard and eyebrows that are combed forward in a way that accentuates their bushiness.

Regular Schnauzer Cut

The regular schnauzer cut is similar to a show cut but scissors or clippers can be used to create the look. This style is popular because it suits the breed. The body, neck and tail are kept short, with longer hair on the legs and skirt area. The cheeks and top of the head are trimmed to make the head look rectangular, the beard is shaped but left reasonably long, and the eyebrows are trimmed for vision but left bushy.

Easy Care Puppy Cut

Many dog breeds are given puppy cuts, as the short coat cuts down on regular grooming needs. The hair on the body and legs is cut to an even short length and the face is usually given a rounded look. You can ask your groomer for variations to the basic puppy cut, such as keeping longer hair on the legs. You may want the blocky shape of your schnauzers head to remain and ask for his beard and eyebrows to be kept, but trimmed and shaped.