How to Minimize Dust and Hair in a Multiple-Dog Home

Some dogs shed moderately throughout the course of the year; others
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If you live in a household with multiple dogs, then you know about major cleanup duty. Hair from dogs doesn't usually bring upon allergies in people, but it does hold onto a lot of pesky things that do, whether dust or dead skin flakes.


Shedding is a natural part of being a dog, period. If you have dogs in your home, the presence of hair is inevitable. However, you can do your part in lessening it by regularly brushing your pooches. By brushing your dogs frequently, you extract any dead and loose hairs that might be lingering in their coats. Instead of eventually ending up on the floor or on your living room sofa, these hairs end up on your brush -- and then finally in the trashcan. Your dogs' specific brushing requirements and grooming supplies might differ depending on their breeds; speak to a professional breeder for specifics.

Home Decor

Making a change to your home decor might help reduce frustrating accumulations of both dust and hair in your residence. Abstain from using interior decorations that might encourage the heavy trapping of both of these things, if possible, including carpets and curtains that are made out of textiles.

Frequent Cleaning

Frequent dusting and cleaning sessions are crucial for maintaining environments free of hair and dust, whether you have two pooches or 10 of them. Make a point of regularly vacuuming your home. Also make a point to regularly wash the things that might collect the most dust in your home, whether the covering of your sofa or the rug by your front door. A HEPA filter or high-efficiency particulate air purifier also might be beneficial for maintaining air that eliminates airborne particles.

Inordinate Shedding

One of your dogs shedding immoderately throughout your home but not blowing coat might be indicative of some type of health concern. Some triggers of excessive shedding in dogs are external parasites, food intolerance, mange, liver disease and cancer. If more hair is in your home than you can possibly keep up with, a veterinarian appointment for all of your pooches is a good way to go.