How to Move Dogs to a New Condo With New Carpet & Furniture

Moving day can cause a lot of stress on your pooch.
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Moving is an exciting and stressful venture packed with mixed emotions and oftentimes a few surprises. Just like you, your dog will become anxious, excited, and yes, stressed out during the process. A new home may also trigger your pooch to display behaviors you haven't seen since she was a pup. New carpet and new furniture may become chew toys or big potty pads for her, so you'll need to help her understand by putting her on a schedule and refreshing some of the training she's already had.

Vacuum and clean your new carpets thoroughly before your pup has full access to the house. Even though your carpet is new, it could hold dust, small fibers and chemicals that your pup will be sensitive to.

Allow your pup to slowly explore her new home, keeping spare room doors shut until she's familiar with the rest of the house. While walking around the house with her, talk to her in a sweet, soothing voice, or if she's an energetic-type of pooch, talk to her in a high-energy, fun voice. You know your dog and what she'll respond to best, just remember that the goal is to let her know this is your and her new place and it's OK. Walking with her through the home will also help prevent any accidents she may have out of excitement or stress.

Put your pup on a potty schedule to protect your new carpet. Some dogs, no matter how well house-trained they are, will begin to mark the new home or simply seem as though they have forgotten everything they knew about pottying outside. Take her outside on a leash every hour or so and go through the house-training process again with her.

Create a routine for her, one that is similar to her old one. If she didn't have a particular routine at your old house, don't worry. Putting her on a schedule and routine will help her get adjusted to your new condo quicker. Like children, a dog on a routine has a better shot at being the well-behaved pooch you enjoy.

Crate train your pup in your new home if she wasn't before. This doesn't take long for her to get used to and will help ease her stresses and anxiety if she has her own special place where she can't get into trouble. This will also save your new carpets and furniture while you're away.

Make rules about the new furniture and stick with them. If you don't want her on your new furniture, don't let her be on there. This may take some time to get used to for her, especially if she was allowed on the old furniture. Put a nice, soft dog bed with her favorite blanket in your living area if she's not allowed on the furniture. Direct her to her bed by her collar every time she attempts to steal a spot on the couch. Be consistent. Don't let her snuggle with you sometimes and then get angry when she jumps on the couch at other times. This will lead to confusion.

Items You Will Need

  • Vacuum
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Crate
  • Dog bed