How Much Protein Is in the Hills Science Diet KD?

Kidney function is essential for canine and feline health.
Janie Airey/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Hill's Prescription K/D Diet is prescribed by veterinarians for the support and protection of canine or feline renal systems. The kidneys, a fundamental part of this system, are vital for the body's waste removal process as well as the regulation of fluids and minerals. This renal health diet is formulated with lower levels of protein, allowing the kidneys to work less intensively at removing waste, but leaving protein, in the bloodstream.

What the Label Means

Hill's K/D diet is available for dogs and cats in both “dry” and “wet” food varieties. Nutrients, such as protein, are measured as a percentage of “dry matter” -- or food product presuming no added moisture. This allows for comparison between kibble and canned products, or among differing brands.

K/D Diet Reduced Protein Content

Hill's K/D Canine Renal Health Dry food is 14.3 percent protein. The canned variety (regular flavor) is 14.8 percent protein, whereas the canned variety with lamb, is 15.1 percent protein. For feline renal health, there are also three K/D diet varieties -- dry kibble is 27.8 percent protein, canned (with chicken) is 28.9 percent, and lastly, canned (with ocean fish) is 29.7 percent protein.