How Much Should a Schnauzer Weigh?

All sizes of schnauzers are high-energy dogs, which can help keep them at an ideal weight.
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Goldilocks may well have a schnauzer for a dog, because this guy gives you a few options to get it just right. Schnauzers come in three sizes: miniature, standard and giant. They cover a wide range of weight, weighing as little as 11 pounds and as much as 90 pounds.

A Size for Every Dog Lover

In the terrier breed group, the miniature schnauzer is a jaunty little fellow, weighing between 11 and 20 pounds and standing 12 to 14 inches at the shoulder. The standard schnauzer is the next step up, standing between 17.5 and 19.5 inches tall and weighing between 30 and 50 pounds. "Giant" is a fitting name for the largest schnauzer, particularly since he towers over his miniature relative. The giant schnauzer carries between 65 and 90 pounds on a frame that stands between 23.5 and 27.5 inches at the shoulder.

Sizing Him Up

Knowing a schnauzer's weight range is nice, but it doesn't really tell you how much your schnauzer should weigh. Every dog is unique, and his ideal weight depends on his frame. Your eyes and hands will help you figure out if your pup is on the right track. The Purina Body Condition System is widely embraced by veterinarians as the gauge to measure a dog's body weight. If your dog is at his ideal weight, you'll be able to feel his ribs, with no or minimal fat covering them. You should be able to see his waist when you look at him from above; and from the side, you should be able to see his abdomen tuck.