Are Mums Harmful to Dogs?

Chrysanthemums are poisonous to dogs.
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Besides the title of a popular Doris Day movie from 1960, "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" might as well be a clarion call to dog owners. While daisies are actually a variety of of chrysanthemums or mums and are known for their garden beauty, they are toxic to dogs.


According to the ASPCA, chrysanthemums are among many toxic plants that can harm your dog. Clinical signs that might indicate your pup has ingested flowers, leaves or stems of mums include vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drooling, lack of coordination and dermatitis. Mums contain pyrethins and sesquiterpene, both of which are irritants to your dog's skin and digestive systems. Plants related to mums include bittersweet, Jerusalem oak and milfoil.


Your best bet is to keep your dog away from mums n the home and in the yard -- no mums in your yard ensure he doesn't get into them in yard waste far from the actual plant. Know how to identify the plant so you can steer your dog away from it when you're out together. If your dog comes into contact with these plants, call your veterinarian, local poison control office or emergency vet clinic.