What Are Some Name Ideas for a Male Husky?

Husky is synonymous with sled dog, even though not every sled dog is a husky.
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Siberian huskies and husky mixes have been popular pets since 1925, when an epic, lifesaving trek across the Alaskan wilderness immortalized sled dog team-leader, Balto. Whether honoring his mushing heritage, celebrating his inner wolf, or paying homage to your favorite Jack London character, your husky's name should be as suited to his personality as his thick, furry coat is to the Arctic cold.

North to Alaska

The list of potential names for your male husky may stretch from Anchorage to Nome, but when it comes to naming your snow loving pup, it's hard to resist the call of the wild. Buck, Spitz, Dave and Sol-lex have been done, as has that other famous Jack London dog characters, White Fang. Other names inspired by the Last Frontier include Juno, Tundra, Eskimo, Yukon, Denali, Kenai, Klondike and Kodiak.

Dashing Through the Snow

Names of favorite sled dog characters from the movies, in addition to Balto, are Demon, Dewey, Diesel, Jenna, Mac, Max, Maya, Nana, Old Jack, Shorty, Sniff, Truman and Yodel. Other popular monikers inspired by snow, ice and wintry weather include Glacier, Snowball, Snowflake, Storm and Blizzard.